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Welcome to Mijana east

the most exciting restaurants in Arizona

Mijana; The poetry verses in the beginning of the Lebanese songs that inspire love, devotion, morals and values.

Open for all occasions, our tradition since 2009 at Mijana is to celebrate every moment of life with fine Lebanese cuisine and drinks, while listening and dancing to our selective Lebanese and near Mediterranean countries native hit songs.

Our menu provides a wide choice of cold and hot mezza accompanied by a variety of grilled lamb, beef (filet mignon), chicken, seafood and vegetable kabobs. All the meals here come with our freshly baked pita bread from our Stonewood oven. Make sure to keep room for the last temptation, which is our made-from-scratch desserts and seasonal fruit dishes!

At Mijana we serve you an abundant array of natural foods and our staff enjoys practicing the graceful art of true hospitality.
To all our customers: “AHLAN WA SAHLAN!”

About us

                                  In time of need, we all have to be there. It's time for us to 

                                  give us back to our community, the police department, the

                                  fire department and the people who volunteer in the hospital,

                                  doctors and nurses in Mesa,Scottsdale,Glendale,Tempe,

                                  Phoenix and Gilbert. With the help of my friend,the chairman

of Arizona Muslim Police Advisory board, we’re delivering lunches for the first 

responder because I want everybody to know that we are part of this community.

We wanted to help and they are so happy to see us.They are so friendly they’re  

thankful for us, they send us messages. They said we are  thankful for what you’re

doing for us.

I also wanted to say that my son Trevor is a police officer in Belmont, California. I'm proud of him to make us all safe.

In my lifetime, I went through so many changes and I’m somebody who does not give up. In 1977,I came to this country. I'm very thankful that I came here as an immigrant and I'm very proud to have a great family and a lot of friends around me. I'm thankful for the USA for giving us a chance to be who we are.

We want this place to be open as soon as we can, but if it's not safe we're not in a hurry. We want to make sure that everybody is safe and everybody comes to our restaurant, to Mijana and Mijana West. We are open now also at Mijana East, only for to go deliveries and pick up.

I'm thankful for the people around me, my employees and everybody who supported me. God bless you and God bless the USA, God bless Lebanon and the whole world to come back without more deaths coming into our world.

Thank you,

Menassa Abinader

Owner-Mijanas Restaurants

Mijana Etertainment Group

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